Monday, May 5, 2014

The Embarrassing Spectacle of Jerry Green

Bring Jerry Green's ridiculous, lie-filled mailer to the Rush Holt meeting at Plainfield
Library at 7:00 pm tonight. Ask Rep.Holt what he thinks of Jerry Green (a purported Democrat) telling the residents of Plainfield that Mayor Adrian Mapp, a Democrat who received well over 70% of the vote (a CLEAR MANDATE), is bad for Plainfield. 

Mapp has only been in office for four months, versus JG's decades of "leadership," and yet Green has decided to continue his divisiveness in his desperate and pathetic attempt to destroy our city's chances for the future. Send your thoughts as well to the following individuals:

State Democratic Party Chairman John Currie (609) 392-3367
Assemblywoman Linda Stender (908) 668-1900;
Sen. Nicholas Scutari (908) 587-0404;
Freeholder Linda Carter:
Freeholder Chris Hudak:
...and the rest of the Freeholders

So, of course when I saw the over-sized mailing that Jerry Green sent to Plainfield households, I realized that he had finally gone over the edge of his usual vindictiveness, nastiness, and obstructionism into the abyss  of outright lies, hatred, and destruction of our city. I have been fielding texts, emails, and Facebook messages all weekend about the mailing. As I canvassed Plainfield's neighborhoods, it was the number one topic of discussion among the voters.

Overwhelmingly, they have said that they are tired of Jerry Green. When I ask them, what has been the one constant in Plainfield that has held us back, the answer is: Jerry Green and his decades of neglect, bossism, incompetence, and ineptitude. The people remember his silence about the impending loss of Muhlenberg while at the same time he was receiving $50,000 a year from JFK's lobbying firm, his current obstruction of the Liberty Village project, which could have dire consequences for the residents living there, and now they see his pathetic attempt to take credit for projects (for example, the one seat ride, the transit-oriented development designation) that he had nothing to do with.

Further, we see his total trashing of Mayor Adrian Mapp, who won the election with over 70% of the vote--clearly a MANDATE from the people of Plainfield, Jerry Green has decided to ignore the will of the people in favor of his brand of stupidity and divisiveness. It is well past time for him to leave our city. His continued support for Sharon is laughable. He trashed her all last year, and now he is once again trotting her out to try and convince the people of Plainfield that she has some credibility. Neither of them have any, as seen by the past 8 years.

The people of our city want a fresh start, yet Jerry Green wants the city to be taken to the dysfunction of the past--as it usually has been under his watch (and certainly in the past 8 years). Pathetic. He has done nothing for this city, and the lies on his silly mailer will not fool the people again. My support for a new administration over the dysfunction, ineptitude, corruption, and cronyism of the past mayor's administration is on the record. I campaigned for a fresh start, and that is what we need.

Adrian Mapp endorsed Watson Coleman, while Jerry Green waffled--everyone knows that Jerry Green wanted to throw his support to Linda Greenstein. If Bonnie Watson-Coleman is going to be our progressive Democratic candidate for CD-12, how can she be expected to help us to move forward while divisive, nasty, foul-mouthed individuals like Jerry Green continue to scream out nasty invective ("I run this motherf*&cker!") and send out lie-filled citywide mailings railing against the mayor who just took office 4 months ago--again, after receiving over 70% of the citywide vote?

I really think folks should take Jerry Green's antics to a higher level, as well as make sure to vote against his "candidates" in the primary--support me, Charles McRae, and Emmett Swan in COLUMN E. Green's candidates just don't compare.



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To Anonymous at 11:20 AM:

Walking the walk and talking to voters are not mutually exclusive campaign functions. We are doing just as you state--"BRAVELY AND WISELY" walking the walk--even as we talk to voters to engage them in our focus of bringing ethical leadership to Plainfield. I hope we can make it to your neighborhood so that we can answer any questions you may have. You can also feel free to send me an email! Thanks for your comment!