Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update on the Election; Notes on the Past

Update on the Election
I have been canvassing as much as possible in the final weeks before the Tuesday, June 3rd election. As you already know, this is a critical election--one that will decide whether our city moves forward or whether the divisiveness, patronage, and self-interest of the past will destroy our city's hopes for the future. I will continue to try to touch as many voters as possible in the next two weeks--if you want to ensure our victory, please come down to our headquarters from 5:00 - 8:00 pm and make some phone calls, or come down on Saturday and Sunday to help us complete our canvassing. We will also need folks to work on Election Day--send me an email at: rebelwill7@gmail.com

Residents whom I have spoken to have told me that my opponent has been trying mightily (if ineffectively) to separate himself from his close ties to the PMUA (he is a commissioner and part of the problem there), his ties to the previous failed administration, and mostly to his mentor, Jerry Green, whose embarrassing antics have left a sour taste in the mouths of Plainfielders who could not believe his trashing of the new mayor and administration after only weeks in office. My opponent's running mate in the 3rd Ward has been trying to separate herself from him--even producing her own separate signs--asking folks to join her "team"--what team? How can there be a team if she doesn't mention her running mate?  She, too, has been an enormous problem in her short tenure--she thinks the PMUA is doing fine, she prefers to push for months for a contract for her buddies at Legal Shield (a private company), she says she is loyal to Jerry Green, she continues to play politics with the lives of the people of this community (witness her recklessness in jeopardizing the homes of the Liberty Village residents), and she has offered nothing constructive to move the city forward; instead, she proudly proclaims herself as a relic of the past--"I'm old school," she says. She continues to denigrate everyone who disagrees with her, and she is a major obstacle to moving our city forward.

Notes on the Past
In a final note, I was told by several residents that a certain out-of-work former mayor came to the microphone before I arrived at the budget amendment meeting last week (I was teaching a class) to make a comment to me; since I was not there, she told the council that she would speak to me directly. I never received a comment from her. One thing I would say is that I am easy to reach--via telephone, text, and email. I respond to all constituents. I do not get into arguments with them, however--it seems that this former elected official is upset about something. I guess she wants to have a public platform to speak her mind--to "tell me off" in front of the public access channel camera. How unbecoming a former mayor! To make it worse, those who watch the meetings on television have witnessed this former mayor coming to the council meetings to whine about the failures of her administration and to seek to lay the blame on the current mayor. Residents have commented on that as well--"What's her problem?" "Why doesn't she get a life?" "Why doesn't she get a job?" My only answer is, "Maybe she thinks she is still mayor." It would be funny were it not so embarrassing and pathetic. The people of this city have moved on--it's time for her to do so as well.


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