Friday, July 11, 2014

The "Plank" in Jerry Green's Eye: "If You Cannot Say Anything Positive..."

Imagine my surprise when I read the blog post written by The King of Gutter Politics, Jerry "I Run This Motherf@&ker" Green. He writes, among other things, "We need to hold our community in high regard and not lower it to gutter-style politics. [...] If you cannot say anything positive about any elected officials, such as the Mayor, Council members and myself personally, please place that negativity somewhere else, but not in Plainfield. We do not need that here."
This was a stunningly hypocritical blog post. Only 16 weeks into Mayor Adrian Mapp's term, Green sent out a mailer saying that he never wanted Mapp, that Mapp was bad for our city, etc., and urging Plainfield voters to reject me (as a supporter of the new administration's progressive economic agenda) in favor of Green's un-Democratically hand-picked candidates. He did this after 16 weeks!  Where is Jerry Green's public apology to Mapp for all the lies that he, Jerry Green, put forth on the additional campaign literature that he sent out to 1st Ward voters only? Why did Green continue his attempts to discredit the new administration throughout the campaign? Mapp wasn't even on the ballot. 

Again, Jerry Green's hypocrisy is on full display in his blog post--written by the man who, in his filthy campaign literature, always lies about progressive Democrats who have the temerity to want to run for local office--instead, he handpicks candidates, disenfranchising the duly-elected Democratic City Committee members. He has LIED about me on numerous occasions: he said that I "doctored a video" (click to see what I supposedly doctored), and he attempted to link me (a progressive Democrat) to the "Tea Party," even getting his buddy Sen. Leader Steve Sweeney to sign on to these lies (which has made Sweeney look quite foolish). Green then sent out a silly "cease and desist" letter to block my posting of his foul-mouthed tirade in an attempt to intimidate me, along with a sworn affidavit from the person he got into the exchange with. This particular lie by Jerry Green has been fully exposed by the unedited video. As if that wasn't enough, Green also challenged my patriotism (much like the former mayor), which fell flat as well. Plainfield voters know full well that, next spring, Jerry Green will be back to his old, foul, negative tricks--don't be fooled by this disingenuous appeal. 

Where is Jerry Green's public apology to the residents of Plainfield for his continued negativity?

Plainfielders already saw Jerry "I ain't got all night" Green disrespect them at the Liberty Village community meeting where he rudely addressed city staff and the crowd, and where he said he was "head of Housing" and would be able to talk to HUD about the soon-to-expire PILOT--it was another embarrassing and laughable performance. Is he going to suggest that that video (where he was also caught on tape) was "doctored" as well? I wrote about the aftermath of that meeting in the church--where Green approached me and some Liberty Village residents (among whom were some of my constituents), and started yelling at me in front of them--they could not believe that he was their state representative.
Green with his handpicked choice, Taylor at Liberty Village debacle

Jerry Green, who has dragged my name through the proverbial mud for years--and especially this year--with his lies, is now chastising local bloggers for writing about our city and commenting?  How absurd! What Jerry Green needs to do is step down from public life--he is a statewide embarrassment. I have written before of his desperate and ultimately pathetic attempts intimidate me. He doesn't control me. He doesn't control my job, and the majority of voters who came out in the last election voted me back into office--even though I was in a very weak ballot position in Column E, versus Green's handpicked candidate, who had the strength of Cory Booker and Bonnie Watson Coleman at the top of the ticket in Column A. Voters were able to see through Jerry's lies and vote for Booker, Watson Coleman, and me. This fall, as the Democratic standard-bearer for the 2nd & 3rd Ward At-large seat in Plainfield, I will be on the ballot with Booker and Watson Coleman. 

I will also remind you all as well of something I wrote in May: 

"When I was canvassing in this neighborhood earlier in the week, some of the residents showed me a photocopied flier of the attack Jerry Green made on Mayor Mapp--they were disgusted by Green's "hypocrisy" and "two-facedness"--their words. They had voted for Mapp in overwhelming numbers--he received over 70% of the vote. In contrast, Jerry Green received LESS THAN 30% of the vote in the [entire] 22nd Legislative District!  To have Jerry Green, who only received 30% of the vote, attack a new mayor who had been in office for only 16 weeks, was deeply offensive to these neighbors. They were also angry about the notorious "push poll" that many of them had responded to. Once again, the response to the question about the greatest problem facing Plainfield was: "Jerry Green!" 

I have written about the lies and attempts at intimidation of Jerry Green in the past--below are just a few links of what folks need to keep in mind about the real Jerry Green as we move toward Primary 2015--when both his Union County Democratic Chairmanship and his Assembly seat will be up for grabs again.

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Anonymous said...

If Jerry wants all of us to behave with respect for each other, he should start doing that himself.

Anonymous said...

You give Jerry too much credit. First, I doubt he wrote the blog - not his strong suit.

Second, Jerry is self serving and cares about his advancement only.

My question is this - he initially did not want Mapp for mayor. He supported Mapp as the party candidate only to turn against him. Well, Jerry initially wanted Hillary for President, then supported Obama when he became the party candidate.

Do we think Jerry really does not support Obama? If you follow the logic, that would be - YES, he is not a supporter of Obama.