Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jerry Green: DESTROYING Quality of Life in Plainfield Once Again...


Earlier this month, Jerry Green's Team on the City Council voted to give a liquor license to the new owner of a notorious strip bar in a quiet 1st Ward residential neighborhood, over the PROFOUND OBJECTIONS of the 1st Ward's children, homeowners, senior citizens, and other residents who care about our community. New owner of the Richmond Beer Garden Luis Penaloza along with the owner of Faraones night club, have given Jerry Green thousands of $$$. Constituents have asked me why their 1st Ward councilors Toliver & Greaves, 4th Ward councilor (Rivers), and 3rd Ward Councilor Taylor voted IN FAVOR OF GIVING THE STRIP JOINT A LIQUOR LICENSE--where is the concern for the residents of that quiet community? These women councilors (2 of whom invoked the name of Christ in their comments--saying they are good Christian women) didn't seem concerned about the 137 police calls to that location--about the violent assaults, public drunkenness, the murder--that had Plainfield police BEGGING them not to give the license. Let's also consider the sexual exploitation of vulnerable young women--concerns about sex trafficking among young women were completely ignored. The day after the license was granted, the image of the stripper on the right side of the photo above was posted on Facebook by a Penaloza supporter--so much for Penaloza's "vow" to be respectful of the community! 

Folks, you have a choice--Jerry Green's vision of economic development (DO CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO JERRY = STRIP JOINTS FOR PLAINFIELD?), or sensible neighbors and elected officials who care about our neighborhoods. On Tuesday, Vote to STOP JERRY GREEN from destroying our city with his foulness. Avoid Jerry's team on COLUMN. VOTE COLUMN C for Change.


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