Monday, June 1, 2015

Take 30 Seconds to Vote: STOP JERRY "I Run This Mother&#@!*%!"

Jerry Green's candidates have viciously (with their disgusting personal attacks) defended his 30 years of failed leadership in Plainfield by conveniently ignoring what has really happened for the several decades under his watch. Isn't it time for a CHANGE? Here are just a few examples of Jerry's failed leadership:

Closing Muhlenberg Hospital: This is probably the worst thing. Jerry kept his mouth shut until it was too late. We lost over 1,100 jobs in Plainfield. Keep in mind that Jerry took $50,000 per year as so-called “VP of Local Affairs” under the name of “Jerry Green Enterprises” from a company (Alman Group) that did lobbying work for JFK/Solaris. He resigned abruptly when this undisclosed money came to light. Whose interests was Jerry really looking out for?

School Funding: Jerry was the deciding vote to abandon Plainfield’s schoolkids and to dismantle the Abbott school districts. We are still feeling the effects of those cuts—in terms of cuts to critical children’s programs and rising property taxes. Do you really want Jerry to do even MORE DAMAGE to our kids' educational future with his poor decision-making?

Campaign Donations: I have already detailed the interesting connections between Jerry taking thousands of $$$ in donations from certain local business owners—the most egregious and outrageous coming from the new owner of the Go-Go bar (Richmond Beer Garden—site of 137 police calls for assaults, public urination, robbery, and a murder). The Plainfield police BEGGED the city council NOT to give them a liquor license, but Jerry’s Team on the city council ignored the community and the police. What makes you think that his new city council candidates won't do the same?

No Support for Barack Obama: Jerry likes to tie himself to President Obama—however, we know that Jerry supported Hillary Clinton, as his county bosses told him to do. It was only after the Obama train plowed through Plainfield and New Jersey with a huge win that Jerry jumped on board. Jerry is a foul-mouthed craven power-seeker. Do you really think he will allow his council puppets to think for themselves?

Folks, you have a choice in the primary—vote AGAINST Jerry’s candidates—no record of service for either, unless you count Eke’s being a PMUA commissioner while owing about a year’s worth of PMUA charges. 

It’s your city, Plainfield—it does not belong to Jerry and worthless city council puppets.

Make Sure You Tell Jerry So. 


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