Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrating the Spirit of Giving - Happy Holidays to All!

On Saturday, the Community Service Team of the New Democrats for Plainfield held its Holiday Party and Toy Drive for the children of the Elm-West Residents Association in the Fourth Ward. Santa and Mary Claus "HO-HO-HO-ed" and posed with the children during the gift distribution. Along with fabulous toys, gift cards, and fellowship, the kids got to enjoy loads of
delicious pizza from Italian Village Pizza (thanks, Giuseppe!), cupcakes, and soft drinks. I really want to thank Carol, Jim, Jennifer, Inez, Bob, Frank, Liz, Mary, Greg, Linden, Karen, Paul, Shep, Tatum, Warren, John, Jan, Jeanette, Patricia, Ursula, Anthony, Breanna, Dee, Juanita, Dan, Nat, Adrian, Amelia, and Marion for donating toys and gift cards. 

I want to thank Ethel, Ursula, Breanna, and Carmencita for coming to help out, Lenore and Holly of Jack and Jill, Inc., for "donating" Malcolm and Kenyon, who assisted with serving pizza and gift distribution. Third Ward Councilman and Mayor-Elect Adrian Mapp stopped by to offer greetings, and Randy Wood of the Housing Authority of Plainfield came to say hello and offered thanks to the New Democrats Community Service Team for its efforts.

The indefatigable Carol (The Antler Lady) deserves a special thanks for her hard work. Ethel, Joann Hollis, Michelle, and the rest of the Elm-West team lent their talents to making this Christmas a wonderful and enjoyable one for all the kids--thanks, everyone!  Enjoy the photos below!
All best,


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Party and Toy Drive for the Children of Plainfield's Elm-West Residents Association!

*Please note: I made a correction on the address below!
The Community Service Team of the New Democrats for Plainfield is once again collecting donations of toys and gift cards from all who would like to help us provide a wonderful holiday for the children of the Elm-West Residents Association at a special Holiday Party, right here in Plainfield! Unwrapped toys for any age and gift cards usable in area stores are most welcome. 

Donations may be left at 1083 Hillside Avenue (the home of Carol and Jim) up until Friday, December can call ME (Rebecca) at (908) 447-6268 and I can come and pick up your gift! 
The holiday party is scheduled for Saturday, December 21, 2012 from 2 – 4 pm at the Elm-West Community Center.* 

We look forward to a fun afternoon with the children, where we will distribute the toys, fellowship, and enjoy music and refreshments! All are welcome—join us!

*The Elm-West Community Center is located at 543 West Third Street in Plainfield (enter via the driveway directly across from the 4th Street side of Shiloh Baptist Church). 

Here are some images from last year's party, where we had a fabulous time--the looks on the children's faces were precious!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

WORLD AIDS DAY 2013 - Getting to Zero

Since World AIDS Day falls on a Sunday this year, I am reminded of all the good work that faith-based communities do with those who are HIV-positive or who have AIDS. I wanted to post this litany from the church I used to belong to, Metropolitan Community Church (I was a member of MCC-Christ the Liberator, based in central New Jersey).

Litany for World AIDS Day 2013

LEADER: As we gather to worship on this World AIDS Day, we are reminded that, as members of the Body of Christ, we are called to boldly proclaim the human rights of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
PEOPLE: We take this moment to pray for a cure, even as we remember the millions who have died from this disease.
LEADER: We take this moment to lift up the millions of infected women, men and children who suffer the misguided judgments of a world that would shun them and shame them.
PEOPLE: We take this moment to give thanks for the transformative power of God’s Spirit.
LEADER: God’s Spirit empowers us to break the shackles of apathy, ignorance, and condemnation so that we are able to provide healing for the sick, comfort for the troubled, and hope for the forsaken.
ALL: God’s Spirit emboldens us to love unflinchingly, to share unconditionally, and to serve unreservedly.
(Developed by the Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse
and Strength for the Journey-Los Angeles)