Sunday, May 16, 2010

Plainfield Public Library Clean Up

Yesterday, a bunch of us got together and picked up, raked, and swept the exterior grounds of the Plainfield Public Library--we collected about 15 large bags of trash and debris from the hedges and parking lots--food waste, paper garbage, bottles, cigarette stubs, fast-food containers--you name it, we found it! The library belongs to all of us, my dear Plainfield family, so we must treat it with the respect, care, and concern that it deserves. Library Director Joe DaRold sent this message of thanks to us yesterday afternoon: 

Dear Rebecca, 
Please thank your hard-working crew (including yourself) for the fabulous job they did on the library clean up. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support from all of you.



Many thanks to Will, Cricket, Dr. Lewis, Adrian, Jim, Gabby, Carmen, Paul, Genevieve, Lamar, Carrie, Gigi, Amelia, Alan, and all the other volunteers who came out last weekend and this weekend to help with the cleanup of the Plainfield Public Library, our city's MOST TREASURED resource! On Sunday, May 15, our collective efforts over the course of 3 hours resulted in a cleaner, more attractive welcome to the library. Here are just a couple of photos--I will post more in the coming days!

3rd Ward Councilman Adrian Mapp works with two of Plainfield's youngest volunteers to clean the Plainfield Public Library's exterior grounds.

Rebecca, Adrian, Cricket Cardozo, and Genevieve work on the front grounds of the Library.

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