Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Library Grounds Clean-Up: Community Service

On a beautiful autumn day last weekend, a group of community volunteers got together and performed a clean-up of the Plainfield Public Library exterior grounds. We met on the steps outside the library and focused on the parking lots at the 8th and 9th Street entrances and the rest of the grounds surrounding the building. With the help of many community volunteers, we were able to get the area cleaned in a little over an hour. Below are photos of some of the folks who came out to help.

In addition, I want to make another plug for the "Library Champion" initiative--here is the link once again:

Many thanks to Cricket, Jim, Julie, Shari, Tom, Tressa, Adrian, Craig, Jon, Lamar, Tony, Cory, Joan, Piv, and Carmencita and the girls! 


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Blackdog said...

Nice job at the library! My thanks to you all!
Just curious, who printed the placards for Reid and youself? They did an exemplar job and I have a few small printing jobs I need doing.
Good luck with the election!