Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: Remembering the Dead

The video I posted below is of Army Spc. Brittany Gordon, aged 24, who died in a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan back in October 2012. There are many I could have chosen from, of course, but I was especially moved by this one. It truly underscores that the sacrifices made by the younger generation deserve our full attention, respect, and resources.

Below is a family photo (my grandparents, with my dad, aunts, and uncle) from 1952, when my father and his older brother were in the service during the Korean War. My Aunt Muriel (sitting at far right) also served later. I am very thankful that my immediate family members made it safely through their service--although many who served with them did not. Others (from all the wars and "conflicts" our country has been involved in) made the ultimate sacrifice, so, on this Memorial Day, we honor them.

Williams Family, 1952. Standing: Uncle Henry, Aunt Billy June, Richard (my dad). Seated: Aunt Naomi Ruth, Rev. Henry C. Williams, Sr. (Granddaddy), Genevieve (Grandma, holding baby Aunt Deborah), and Aunt Muriel. 

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