Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pardon My Cynicism!

Green with his once-again best buddy
Last night was the final community meeting of this stage of the study commissioned by the Plainfield City Council on possible future uses of the Muhlenberg campus. I remain committed to restoring more medical services and opposed to the JFK scheme to place 660 apartment units there. 

Now, you must pardon my cynicism regarding the commentary by Assemblyman Jerry Green, who spoke toward the end of the meeting about his "commitment" to Plainfield. We all know that Jerry Green has maintained a conspicuous silence for the past few years on Muhlenberg, and we also know that Green received $50,000 a year as a "VP" for the Alman Group, a lobbying firm for JFK. It was not a good look for someone supposedly "committed" to restoring the hospital. When he was called out publicly on it, he resigned under pressure and bad public relations.

In his comments last night, Green mentioned that he has served on the legislature's Health Committee for ten (10) years--what did he DO in all that time to save Muhlenberg? He is suggesting that he will do something now?? Pardon my cynicism! 

Green also stated last night that he wanted "to sit with people" to talk about the uses of the campus. The hospital CLOSED in 2008--now, in 2014, he wants to SIT DOWN to talk about it--after the third community meeting?? Pardon my cynicism!

Jerry Green's "epiphany" regarding the 660 units is laughable. 35 days before a critical election, he all of a sudden wants to try to convince voters in this city that he is against the JFK proposal. I guarantee that on Wednesday, June 4 (the day after the primary election), Green will have another epiphany and reverse himself once again. The people cannot be fooled.
Jerry Green came up to me after his embarrassing Liberty Village debacle to yell at me because I supported the right of one of my constituents to speak during the council's public comment. I guess that, as someone who has sworn to uphold the constitution, he forgot about the part First Amendment. The women I was speaking with were shocked at his nasty demeanor, and one said, "...he's nothing but a street thug, talking that way to us."

Back in 2008, Jerry Green cursed me in front of a crowd of people after a candidate forum for Annie McWilliams, who was running for city council at the time. The 20 or so people were shocked by his behavior as a sitting legislator--I had done nothing, had said nothing--I was simply working on Annie's campaign. Many people got to know the "real Jerry Green" last week when he was caught on camera being extremely nasty to city staff and constituents.

They had earlier seen the "real Jerry Green" when he allowed himself to get foolishly baited into yelling and cursing in the street on the last election day: "I own this motherf_cker!" he said, referring to our city of Plainfield. Well, the truth of the matter is that he doesn't "own" Plainfield, but you see that he thinks he can continue to manipulate voters. Don't be fooled.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct! He is a thug, an abuser, a liar, a thief, a coward, and a blamer. He sees his ship sinking and like the captain of the sinking ferry he will do anything to save himself. His actions in that You Tube video speaks volumes to his character or lack there of. I believe he has little to no influence in the State Assembly and furthermore believe most members have his number and just tune him out. He is a sad and pathetic man.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca I appreciate your passion about this City, however I wish you employed as much action as lip service. I have yet to see you or your running mates in the neighborhoods campaigning. Given too many people in Plainfield are not paying attention or are so discouraged with the lack of positive action it would serve The New Dems well to make themselves more visible. If elected, the visibility would be nice throughout the term served. Jerry Green can be defeated if The New Dems would only put in the physical work required. You all speak well, and appear to be much smarter than Jerry's funkiest.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Anonymous at 10:57 am:

Thanks for your comment and kind words. With all due respect, though, I go door-to-door during every election. Although we may have not made it to your street as yet, we are out in the neighborhoods campaigning--those who have already received a knock at the door by Charles, Emmett, or me have heard our message and are very supportive. One thing I should tell you: this city is much larger when one tries to walk every street--we have a team of volunteers walking with us, but there is a lot of ground to cover. I hope to make it to your block--we are determined to do so, with our volunteers helping us. If you would like to help us by walking with me, making calls, or donating some funds to assist us in the campaign, please feel free to contact me at 908-447-6268. Thanks so much!