Sunday, November 2, 2014

VOTE "YES" on 3 Public Questions; Vote #2, #3, #7 - Rutherford, Jeffers, and Bellamy for Plainfield Board of Education

I have been inundated with questions as to whom I am supporting for Plainfield school board this year. In my opinion, the team worth supporting in this year's school board election consists of those who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to our children. This team reached out to me to discuss how they want to improve the quality of education in our schools--they have longstanding ties to the Plainfield school district and are known in the district as involved citizens. 

Terrence Bellamy has been PTO President at Woodland School for the past 5 years--that's commitment. Carletta Jeffers has been a parent advocate for several years, with invaluable experience to offer about working for children with illnesses and other special needs, and David Rutherford has demonstrated his commitment through his volunteer service in the Plainfield school system, his own middle school teaching experience, and through his other community works. David represents the new generation of Plainfield’s young people who want to improve our schools. Terrence and Carletta have an unmatched track record of involvement as parents and through the PTOs. So, in addition to voting for me, please also vote yes on the 3 public questions, and vote for #2, #3, and #7 - Rutherford, Jeffers, and Bellamy for Plainfield Board of Education.



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