Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today - October 11- Is National Coming Out Day! Celebrate!

Today, October 11, we celebrate National Coming Out Day, an international observance held annually. Many of us aware the homophobia can rear its ugly head in shocking and unexpected ways, such as at the last Plainfield City Council meeting, where my humanity (and the humanity of all LGBT folks) was challenged as we had to bear the homophobic and transphobic attacks of Alex Toliver, who came to the microphone to disparage me for standing up for myself. There are a number of LGBT and transgender teens and young people living in our city, as the support I was shown at the July 4th Parade will attest, so for anyone to demean and disparage any member of our community on the basis of who they are is deeply offensive and goes against the ideals of our nation and certainly of our community. This was covered in the Courier-News: 

Plainfield Ex-Officials Comments About Lesbian Councilwoman Denounced
As the only openly gay council member, as a PROUD and OUT member of the LGBT community, I hope that folks will come out at our Tuesday, October 13 meeting at 8:00 pm at the Municipal Court to voice their support the resolution observing National Coming Out Day here in Plainfield, and to make a statement that homophobic and hateful attacks (of any kind) against any council member need to be gaveled down as soon as the first slur is uttered. As a co-advisor to the Gay/Straight Alliance at the college where I teach, we observe this day in solidarity with our LGBT students and allies, colleagues, and friends.  

Click on this link for the Human Rights Campaign's National Coming Out Day page, and show your support.  


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