Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer of Darkinboddy: The Project Continues!

Wherefore, Darkinboddy? 

It is July...and every July brings me to the commemoration of the NYC Draft Riots, the worst riots in American history. The aspect that I write about has to do with the children of the Colored Orphan Asylum, which was burned on July 13, 1863. Several readers have asked me why I haven’t posted in The Darkinboddy Chronicles, my multimedia/varied arts (including baking!) weblog project which ran from 2013-2015—and which is still in development. Well, I have been working on a number of related projects—which will come to fruition soon—and which I hope will please the Darkinboddy fans out there.

I have not had a great deal of time to write—I am working on that aspect of my life—shifting my priorities to reflect self-care, completion of personal projects, and fulfillment of external obligations. I keep a daily journal (I have done so for the past 20 years), through which I work out my ideas in writing fragments, poem lines, drawings, etc., and sometimes I read back a month or two of entries to see what I viewed as important then. What has been coming to the forefront consistently is writing about the completion of two short story drafts—they are near completion, but I just keep procrastinating. A theory of procrastination is that it is based in fear—I will see about that.

One thing that I should say, though, is that between full-time employment as an English professor at Essex County College, my work as a councilwoman in the City of Plainfield—which usually comprises about another 20-25 hours a week, and other volunteer projects/obligations/responsibilities, there is a lot to juggle. I guess I must become an expert juggler! 

Anyway, thanks for all the support you have given me—I am doing my best to bring a couple of pieces to fruition before the fall semester beginsand also to figure out how to successfully work on projects even in the midst of other workthat is the key!

All best,

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