Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Disney Movie You May NOT Have Seen!

My favorite Disney film remains the glorious Pinocchio, released in 1940.  However, in 1946, Walt Disney Studios released a short educational film "through the courtesy of Kotex Products," titled The Story of Menstruation. The film features typical Disney animation, along with a straightforward sex education lesson on the workings of the female reproductive system.

Among other sage bits of advice, the narrator suggests that you (the young girl) "...try not to throw yourself off schedule by getting overtired, emotionally upset, or catching cold." The narrator also reassures young girls that not only is it all right to bathe, but it is preferable. Also, girls are encouraged to exercise during their cycle--the animation of a young girl in equestrian garb furiously rocking back and forth on a trotting pony is bizarre, to say the least.

Girls are admonished, "Don't Dramatize Yourself," and are informed that there may be a bit of "pressure" or an occasional "twinge" or "nerves" during this time of the month. However, "...once you stop feeling sorry for'll find it easier to keep smiling and even-tempered."

Towards the end, girls are scolded about slouching--one way to ensure that your body functions correctly is to practice good posture and to avoid constipation. It is rather unusual to hear the words "rectum," "vagina," "uterus," and "bladder" in a Disney production, but this film, which runs a little less than 10 minutes, was apparently shown in classrooms until the 1960s.

The film closes with the happy young girl fulfilling her (1940s-style) gender-assigned role of growing up, becoming a bride and then having a baby of her own. Copulation is not mentioned. Ah...Disney! Enjoy!



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Carol said...

Loved it! My mother gave me a book to read, and yes, I kept a calendar. :)