Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summertime Car Safety: Don't Leave Valuables in Your Car

During summer, typically, folks seem to let their guard down in terms of keeping their car doors locked, and valuables out of sight. There is always a spike in car burglaries during the summer, since people are out and about more often. On the city website’s “News About Plainfield” section (left side navigation scroll), Public Safety Director Carl Riley reminds all Plainfield residents to lock their vehicles and keep all valuables out of view—during the day as well as at night. 

Unlocked cars create easy opportunities for thieves. These kinds of thieves just walk by cars and glance in—if they see a SmartPhone or a wallet, it takes just seconds to steal. SmartPhones, MP3 devices, wallets, handbags, and other items should not be left in the car, and remember to lock your doors and roll up your windows.


Now, be aware that there is a device available to thieves that can unlock car doors—click on the link to read a story about this nationwide problem: Thieves Are Using "Mystery Gadgets" to Electronically Unlock Cars and Steal What Is Inside.  Take a look at this video as well!

Increased patrols are helping, but again, the best way to ensure that you will not become a victim is to remove all your valuables.

Here’s to a safe summer!


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