Thursday, July 10, 2014

Homophobia: The Weapon of Religious (and other) Hypocrites

I am the OPENLY gay councilor in Plainfield. Homophobic, hateful remarks are unChristian, and reflect religious hypocrisy, hatefulness, and insecurity. Homophobia is more often than not also accompanied by other forms of loathsome prejudice (such as dislike of people whose ethnicity is different, including that of those from the Caribbean and Latin America). Christ surely does not smile on despicable and hypocritical fakery of the type that I am speaking. The sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, church congregants, and others who overhear homophobic commentary by the frauds and hypocrites will be calling it out right to their faces. Just you wait and see. 

Brothers and sisters/
Being yourself is easy/
When God’s got your back.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Under to cloak of Godliness such beliefs are promulgated.