Monday, June 6, 2016

Rushmore Redux - Time for Levity

This has been an exhausting couple of months, campaign-wise. I have walked through each ward, knocking on doors, sometimes catching folks at home, sometimes not. I have always done this--sometimes while working on local Democratic campaigns, and sometimes just working on community-related issues. I have run a clean campaign, focusing only on my own and my opponent's legislative record, attendance, and city council achievements. Since tomorrow is the primary election, I thought I would offer a little levity as we head into a very long day. Last week, when I was chatting with Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (with whom I am on the ballot), I made mention that the historic nature of this election in our district (CD-12), with Sec. Hillary Clinton heading the ticket, followed with Congresswoman Watson Coleman, the first African American woman ever elected to Congress in New Jersey, deserved some sort of special mention. With Linda Carter on as Freeholder, and me on the ballot as the Democratic standard bearer for the local ticket, we comprised a interesting group. I suggested, jokingly, that Mt. Rushmore could be re-envisioned. The fact that we have our own Rushmore--"Rushmore" Park here in Plainfield--made it all the more fun to think about. 

Please come out and support ALL the Democrats in COLUMN A--VOTE COLUMN A, ALL THE WAY!



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